The United States has deployed troops in 15 states

The United States has deployed troops in 15 states

International Desk (Channel TT) Protests have erupted across the country in protest of the inhumane killing of unarmed black youth George Floyd in the United States. At least 4,100 people have been detained since the protests began for the sixth day in a row. Five thousand troops have been deployed in 15 at-risk states and in Washington DC.

Earlier, curfews were imposed in 40 cities to control the protests. But people disobeyed the curfew and took to the streets.

Meanwhile, protesters clashed with riot police in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. Police fired tear gas and shells to disperse the crowd. The mob set fire to a police car and vandalized shops, the BBC reported.

Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. During this time, they set fire to several infrastructures, including a church. When the police fired tear gas at them, they aimed stones at the police. At the time, Secret Service agents took him to a White House bunker to ensure President Trump's safety.

On the other hand, agitated crowds have taken to the streets in 65 US cities, the Associated Press reported. Even a few days before the novel coronavirus infection, these cities were deserts, but thousands of people have been seen shoulder to shoulder in the protests against police torture and racist behavior.

Source: Associated Press, BBC.