Calls for tackling conflict, intolerance and social anxiety with language power

International Mother Language Day celebrated at UN Headquarters

International Mother Language Day celebrated at UN Headquarters

NEW YORK (Channel TT): International Mother Language Day is celebrated at the United Nations headquarters for the fourth time. The World Organization pays tribute to the day with due respect and the international environment. In order to address conflict, intolerance and social concerns, the representatives of the world community say that using language power is one of the main tasks.

Bangladesh's Ekushey February and International Mother Language Day were organized in collaboration with Bangladesh, Australia, Cameroon, Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago missions and the United Nations Secretariat and UNESCO New York Office. The event was held at the UN headquarters at 4 pm on February 22 under the supervision of the Bangladesh Permanent Mission, which was appointed to the United Nations.

The President of the Un-General Council of the United Nations attended the event. Also, the organization's membership was filled with the full participation of top diplomats, UN officials, media personalities, prominent Bangladeshi citizens, freedom fighters, social workers. The welcome speech was made by Rabab Fatima, the permanent representative and ambassador of Bangladesh appointed to the United Nations.

The discussion was attended by representatives from the world community including the invited guest. Among them, there were UN-General Council President Tijani Mohammed Bande, Permanent Representative of Trinidad and Tobago, Penelope Althia Beckles, Australia's Charge the Affairs Ms. Tegan Brink, The Charges of The Affairs of Cameroon, And the Zakari Sarge Raul Nyanid, Mexico's Charge the Affairs Juan Sandoval Mendolia, UN Secretary-General for Un-Global Communications, Under-Secretary-General of the UN Universal Communications Department, Melissa Fleming, Director of the General Counsel and Under-Secretary-General of the Conference Management Department, Cecilia Elizalde.

In addition, the Director of the UNESCO New York Office, Marie Pauli Roudyl, read the message in support of the UNESCO Director. As always, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio gave a speech at the event which was read and heard.

This year, the theme of the International Mother Language Day was Language without Borders. Referring to the issue, Ambassador Fatima said the power of the language crosses the border and connects different people and their cultures. He called all counties including member countries to protect all languages and cultures in the world, including the language which is on the verge of extinction.

UN General Assembly President Tijani Mohammed Bande said the UN has been playing a leading role in forwarding the language at a significant rate when the languages of different parts of the world are disappearing, citing language diversity and multilateralism as essential to sustainable development. The world community must take double efforts to uplift the mother tongue.

At the beginning of the ceremony, one minute of silence was observed to commemorate the martyrs of the language. A documentary was presented on February 21 and International Mother Language Day at the end of the discussion and before the cultural event.

The event was a colorful cultural event held at the World Organization. At the beginning of the first episode, the Sri Chinmay group of the United States and the Young Artists of the Bangladeshi community of the United States performed the epic song 'Amar Bhai Er Rokte Rangano Ekushey February'. The UN Chamber Music Society then became a full-fledged musical event in Bengali, Navja, Kriol, Sanskrit, and Soheli, with the English poem 'Stream of Life' from Rabindranath Tagore's Gitanjali.