Us Embassy website launched in Bangla

Us Embassy website launched in Bangla Us Embassy's Bangla Website

Dhaka (Channel TT): The Us Embassy has launched a website in Bangla this time with respect to the language martyrs. The English site will have many similarities with the Bengali language website. It will provide a wide range of information including the growing bilateral relations between the United States and Bangladesh, business opportunities, travel visas, cultural, educational and professional exchanges.

The US Embassy said that the Bangla website has been launched to ensure the availability of information and to advance the dialogue.

The US Embassy in Dhaka announced in a notice that Charge the Affairs (CDA) Joan Wagner on Thursday, ahead of International Mother Language Day, launched the Bangla website of the Embassy.

The notice says it is similar to the Embassy's English website. The Bangla website will serve a variety of content for all Bengali speakers in Bangladesh and around the world. The new website will help the embassy to communicate more effectively with Bangladeshis and expand the growing mutual relations between the United States and Bangladesh.

That will ensure a lot of information for people in both languages, including US foreign policy, business opportunities, US travel visas and educational and vocational exchange programs. Therefore, the website will be updated regularly in both Bengali and English.

Press releases, media notes, press statements, news conferences, security and emergency messages, speeches, media interviews and other messages will be posted in both English and Bengali.

In the opening of the Bangla website, CDA Wagner said, International Mother Language Day has a special place in the hearts of Bangladeshis in Bangladesh and around the world. The language movement of Bangladesh in 1952 encouraged the United Nations to launch International Mother Language Day. It is an honor and joy to have the embassy launch a new Bangla website to honor the historical Bengali language movement that has taken place in the past.

Ambassador Robert Miller was unable to attend the event because of emergency reasons. However, he sent a message about the new website. "I am proud to announce the launch of the new Bangla language website of the US Embassy on the eve of International Mother Language Day," he said. We hope that the new website of the Bengali language, which this great nation has bravely fought to preserve its dignity, will enhance the understanding between the people of Bangladesh and the United States.
The website will provide information and discussion about US-Bangladesh relations, business opportunities, visa information, US citizen services, study in the United States, cultural, educational and professional exchange programs for Bengali speakers in Bangladesh and around the world, he said.

The launch of the Bangla website of the Embassy in Dhaka will play a role in advancing greater cooperation, dialogue and mutual understanding between Bangladesh and the United States. Bangla website was launched as part of various initiatives of the US government to build strong partnerships to ensure an independent open Indo-Pacific region.
Visit the Bangla website of the Us Embassy on and visit the English website on address.