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Larry Teslar, Inventor of Copy-Paste passed away

Larry Teslar, Inventor of Copy-Paste passed away Larry Teslar

News Desk (Channel TT): At the dawn of the computer invention no-one thought that people can do cut-paste-copy at computers. Great man Larry Teslar invented the way to cut-pest-copy. He recently passed away at the age of 74. The world mourns his death, even the people of his everlasting environment. They can't accept the absence forever.

The scientist Tasler was born in New York at the year of 1945. He completed his graduate degree at the University of Stanford in California and founded himself in research. In 1960 he joined Silicon Valley. The top company of that time. Silicon Valley took the research forward with the honor it deserved. At that time, although it was a little common, he added the cut paste copy to the computer. And that's what makes it so much more advanced today's modern computer path.


Not only cut paste, but he also went to Xerox and discovered the replacement fund friendly user pattern and further advanced the users. He was a computer scientist who took himself to a unique height. His long-time working place Xerox company collages expressed grief in a tweet. Tesla has made his life's inventions worth using people, thinking that something innovative to the new generation will make their future easier.