Congress proposes $ 3 trillion; Take a look at your city, the mayor told the president

The reverse position of the ‘Trump-Blasio’; New York City in trouble!

The reverse position of the ‘Trump-Blasio’; New York City in trouble!

NYC (Channel TT): Donald Trump has been at loggerheads with the mayor of New York, an influential city in the United States, since the start of the 2016 presidential election. It has multiplied several times since being elected. NYC Mayor Blasio, in particular, disagrees with Trump's anti-immigrant stance. Besides, the distance between the two is a lot due to various reasons.

It is said that the mayor of the most influential city after the President of the United States is New York. One of the reasons is the world capital. The central government relies heavily on the city's highest revenue (federal tax). But New York City is now at gunpoint in the face of disagreements between hardline Republicans and the Liberal Democrats. The city's economy has collapsed in the grip of a special corona-virus. In this situation, the lawmakers of the city think that the financial support of the central government is most needed.

As part of this, Mayor Blasio said, "Mr. President, we are looking at you." "Your own city is looking to you," he said, adding that President Trump's direct intervention could lead to the passage of a new cooperation bill in the Senate. That's what New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio hopes.

Earlier, in the lower house of the US Congress, Democrats proposed $ 3 trillion in Corona aid. Republicans have expressed skepticism about its implementation.

The proposed budget calls for spending about $ 1 trillion through various state, city and suburban governments. Of that, about $ 200 billion will be spent to ensure the risky salaries of health workers in Corona.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in response to the congressional hearing that "millions of Americans are in deep trouble. If the proposal is implemented with their help, each family will get financial assistance of 12 hundred to 6 thousand dollars.

However, before the Democrats' proposed aid, the finance ministry has already borrowed $ 3 trillion and spent it to address the Corona situation. "We want a strong commitment from the federal government to improve the situation," said Blasio, the mayor of New York City.

The new stimulus package includes $ 10 billion for food aid. Increased support for supplements, nutrition programs or food stamps will be increased. Food stamp benefits will be increased by 15 percent. Special assistance under section 6 will be provided under housing assistance. খ 4 billion has been set aside in this sector. Separate funds have also been earmarked for the safety and compensation of front-line workers. Mayor de Blasio praised House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and top opposition leader Senator Chuck Schumer for raising the new proposal in the House of Representatives.

However, even if the bill is passed in Congress, it will be difficult to implement if it is rejected in the Senate. Analysts say President Trump's intervention in the Republican-controlled Senate could only pass a new $ 3 trillion. Otherwise it will not see the face of light. Some people are getting a hint of politics with this.

Analysts say Trump is under pressure in the upcoming presidential election. So if the bill is passed, there may be some good news for him. And if it doesn't pass, the Democrats will be far ahead. However, when the time comes, the real reality will emerge.