10 th anniversary of BAFA

Celebrates on the day of golden jubilee of independence

Celebrates on the day of golden jubilee of independence

NYC (Channel TT): Bangladesh Academy of Fine Arts (BAFA) is organizing the 50th anniversary of the celebration at the New York City, United States.

The three-day event is also being held around the organization's 10-year of establishment festival. The initial name of the” bafa’s '10 years and 50 year’s of Bangladesh”-festival has been given an initial name as "Bangla Festival".

The founder president of the association, Farida Yeasmin, recently spoke at a pre-quarter management meeting at the Bafa's office in the Bronx, New York.

The meeting was attended by foreign journalists, bafa’s officials and entrepreneurs. The company's future agenda and objectives are being discussed in the open-air discussion. The PRESIDENT of THE BAFA said the organization had only 20 students in 2010. It is one of the main tasks of bringing the country's culture to a new generation in the United States. Bafa is also working on Bengali language and education.

The 10-year-old cultural organization has been providing dance, music, recital, pure pronunciation to Bangladeshi-American generations, teaching and training and research services. In addition, the Bangladesh Academy of Fine Arts (BAFA) also played a major role in the special training programme for women, the important community.

Buffer officials talk about greetings, consultations and actions of the attendees in chats and chat. There was a feast and a tea party.