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Sylhet trembled in the quake at midnight

Sylhet trembled in the quake at midnight

Sylhet (Channel TT): Sylhet and its surroundings trembled just hours before the rising sun of Bengal New Year 1427.

A moderate amount of earthquake was felt before the first day of the year. At midnight such tremors of the earthquake caused panic among the people.
Details of the magnitude or Richter scale, origin of the earth quake are unknown.

The shaking lasted for a few seconds, said Abu Kaiser, a student at MC College, a resident of Sylhet, on a mobile phone to chennal TT.

He said the earthquake struck at around 3:40 am. People are terrified at their sleep. At this time, many came out on the streets. The earthquake looks a little different. Usually the earthquake shakes the fan, the hanging lamp or the furniture of the house. But the earthquake felt like the soil was going down from the bottom of the house.

Meanwhile, immediately after the earthquake, netizens started giving different status to Facebook.
Senior residents of Sylhet are advised not to panic on social media status immediately after the earthquake.