Being a high-speed rail line; The cost will be Tk 76 Thousand 674 Cror.

Chittagong in an hour While One and half hour to Cox's Bazar

Chittagong in an hour While One and half hour to Cox's Bazar

Chittagong (Channel TT): Cox's Bazar, one of the longest beach in the world. Which has huge potential for earning revenue in tourism. And it requires the development of easy and fast communication system. So the tourist city of Cox's Bazar is being added to the railway connectivity. According to the plan, Cox's Bazar will be available on the train by 2023.

According to sources, high speed train service will be launched from Dhaka to Chittagong directly to Cox's Bazar. It can be flown to Dhaka-Chittagong in just one hour. On the other hand, Cox's Bazar can be visited in just an hour and a half.

For this purpose, construction of Chittagong (Dohazari)-Cox's Bazar Railway is in full swing. Although the project is expected to be completed by 2023, construction progress says the Dhaka-Cox's Bazar High Speed ​​Railway will be completed earlier. The local railway line will pass over 13 small and large rivers. There are 8 important components under the project. The total cost of implementing the project will be Tk. 76 thousand 674 Crors.

Meanwhile, the acquisition of land has been completed. Landowners have been acquiring land with three times the money. Assistance was also made in the construction of the railway. Work has not been stopped in the rainy season. If no natural disasters occur, the project will be completed ahead of time.

According to the project work review, there is a meter gauge railway from Chittagong to Dohazari, but the new project will be converted to dual gauge. Besides, a curve or cordline from Faujdarhat will be connected to the Sholashahar railway station.

Potential expenditure has been calculated through ongoing technical projects. ADB intends to give most of the money. In addition to the company's debt, government money will be spent. The proposed allocation against the project will be fixed in the revised Annual Development Program for the fiscal year 2019-20.

Sample of Cox's Bazar Railway Station

Earlier, the technical support for the Dhaka-Chittagong-Cox's Bazar rail project was being prepared. The original project will start only after the completion of the technical project in December 2021. The technical project is being implemented at a cost of Tk 212.Cror 64 lac 31 thousand.

Railways say the Bangladesh Inland Waterways Authority (BIWTA) has been requested to provide inland waterways classification for the construction of railway bridges on 13 rivers under the project. According to the navigational clearance, the height of the proposed bridge will be higher than the existing bridge. So there is a possibility of increased expenditure.

ADB Country Director Manmohan Prakash said ADB is committed to assisting the development of the railway in Bangladesh. The project is a priority investment under the Seventh Five Year Plan.

If the railway is built, it will be possible to take the trade, investment and tourism development of the country one step further.