Bangladeshis in relief from school closures; Long queues in Grocery, restaurant stability

Public schools closed in New York, curfew imposed; Millions of people on the way to housearrest (Video)

Public schools closed in New York, curfew imposed; Millions of people on the way to housearrest (Video)

NYC (Channel TT): Mayor Bill de Blazio has finally announced the closure of New York City public schools following a series of pressure. He attended the immediate briefing at City Hall with the Board of Education Chancellor on the weekend. The mayor described why the school had to be closed in a news conference on Sunday evening. 

He and his administration are under pressure from parents and teachers to attend school. So, i've been forced to shut down public schools. He said, "We are living in a difficult reality. We have no choice but to go. 

Meanwhile, Bangladeshi parents hailed the mayor's announcement of the closure of public schools from Monday to April 20.  They say that the children's readings are a little bit of a loss, but we have nothing to do with it.  

Many parents expressed concern about their children during their conversation with Channel TT. He says, "Life is first. As a result, new York City residents are on the way to a house arrest. So after dusk, everyone was under pressure in the Bangladeshi-owned Grocery and Supershop. The exact opposite is seen in restaurants. Restaurant owners are having a lazy time. 

Bangladeshi entrepreneurs told channel TT that they were helpless. It is becoming difficult to get into hotels/restaurants every day. If you keep going like this, you have to cut the business. The fear of a death-penalty epidemic in the United States is still there. So the residents of the city are not going anywhere but the daily market.  

On the other hand, the city mayor's word was given a second direction soon after the public school was closed. New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer said in a statement that the city is closed altogether. From now on, all hotels, bars, restaurants in New York City will be closed, he said. City Comptroller also called for the evacuation of anyone without health and urgent needs. 

A curfew has been imposed in the state of New York. All types of transport are limited to Metro-Rail and Uber and Cab s. Scott Stringer's Sunday announcement came after a long time. A day earlier, President Donald Trump declared a state of emergency across the United States on Saturday.

Public transportation has been imposed in Hoboken, California and New Jersey, except New York. As a result, millions of people are going to be in house arrest in the United States, including New York, to say that the corona is not going to be reduced. 

On Sunday, a group of students from the Department of Dys and Chemical Engineering created it in their own lab. These are Asikul Islam, Zainal, Ashmi Ashik, Snow Akan and Imran Zakir of the 43rd batch.

The students handed over the hand sanitizer to Professor Dr. Farhad Hussain, the head of the department's own lab. Also present were Assistant Professor of The Department, Mansur Rahman and Professor Nusrat Jahan.

It will now be distributed in a limited amount, said Ashikul Islam. However, there are plans to produce 300-400 bottles of hand sanitizer very soon. It is reported that 40 bottles of 100 ml will be distributed initially on Monday.

Earlier, hand sanitizer was created in partnership with the Dhabi Pharmacy Academy and Biomedical Research Centre. Not only is it made, it also announces free distribution between teachers and university staff. They want to give it to the general public for free if they get help. The announcement of the president has already received widespread praise on social media, including Facebook.