New York State Emergency: Public Cities, The Deadly Disaster

New York State Emergency: Public Cities, The Deadly Disaster

NYC (Channel TT): The deadly Novel Corona virus has brought the deadly disaster of New York to life. City Mayor De Blasio has announced a state emergency. 

According to the U.S. Department of Health, 40 people have died of the Corona virus in the United States so far. And New York has 95 infected, which was 55 as of yesterday. Fearing the number of victims could increase further, the city mayor declared a state of emergency.

At an emergency briefing Thursday evening, New York City Mayor de Blasio said the state of emergency has been declared as a threat and a warning that the situation could worsen. However, he said that two schools that have been closed have identified the affected students and that steps have been taken to ensure the safety of others. But the situation is not that other schools or schools have to be closed. However, residents of New York says all schools and schools in the city should be closed down in view of the situation.

Meanwhile, the city is in a state of shock. The silence is silence. There's no public gathering. It is said that the terrible situation of the memorial is in New York. All theatres, museums, Broadway theatres in the city have already closed. The ban is a big deal that is not a big deal. The bar-restaurant is almost completely unsteady. Public cities. The CITY MTA (Metropolitan Transport Authority) service is completely out of the public. Where thousands of people are in the dark every day. It's completely out of the public.

And the state governor says that about one million people are not going anywhere without emergency.

On the other hand, a state of emergency was declared in Washington DC and Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, the New York City Mayor has called for not responding to any rumors on social media, including Facebook.