MTA’s proposed 2020 to 2024 capital plan

MTA pledges more details on its capital plan after it’s funded

MTA pledges more details on its capital plan after it’s funded

The MTA would happily provide more details on its massive $51.5 billion capital plan — but not until it’s approved and fully funded. 

The transit authority is currently looking for the city to contribute $3 billion toward its next capital plan, the five-year spending blueprint for mega-projects bringing the likes of new subway cars and buses, subway elevators and signaling technology.

But at City Council hearing Monday, MTA officials said they wouldn’t be able to outline timelines for projects until after the funding is committed and the plan is finally approved. 

“We barely have any details about this capital plan,” said Council Speaker Corey Johnson, during a committee hearing on the MTA’s proposed 2020 to 2024 capital plan.

“The council negotiates and approves the city’s announce budget we can’t make decisions on a $3 billion magnitude based on a few estimates and a Powerpoint presentation,” he continued. 

The MTA’s executive responsible for carrying out the plan, Chief Development Officer Janno Lieber, said the authority was taking was still mapping out how to execute projects as efficiently as possible and that more details wouldn’t come until about 60 days after the plan is approved.

Lieber reasoned that construction involving the installation of new subway signal equipment or certain maintenance in the system will likely require shutdowns of service, and that the MTA wants to get as much work done as possible during those outages by “bundling” projects together. 

Kazi Lutful Kabir

Bangladesh Bureau Chief