EU failed to deal with the corona issue; US President for nation

Trump's temporary ban on Europeans from visiting the United States (Video)

Trump's temporary ban on Europeans from visiting the United States (Video)

US (Channel TT): This time, the US President Donald Trump has been the focus of a long-standing coalition. He alleged that he and his administration had cancelled all trips to China when the Corona virus was infected. But the european countries failed to take effective action. They're enjoying the results today. 

He said these things in his address to the nation at the White House on Wednesday. He said that the travel ban was imposed in all European countries. President Donald Trump announced the implementation of the app for 30 days.  He also claimed that he was forced to impose new restrictions on travel from Europe to the United States to prevent the spread of the virus. 

He said the ban will take effect from midnight on Friday.  All travel from Europe will be suspended for the next 30 days.  He also confirmed that the 'hard but necessary' restriction would not apply to the UK.

Meanwhile, the Corona virus has increased 13 times in two weeks outside China. The World Health Organization (WHO) announced the worldwide epidemic on Wednesday. In the United States, Eleven hundred & thirty five  people have been identified as infected with the Corona virus, and 38 have died.

"We are committed to preventing new infected access to our country," President Trump said in a statement to the World Health Organization. So I'm going to cancel all access to the United States from Europe. The president also announced plans to lend several hundred billion dollars to small business initiatives to prevent the effects of the Corona virus on the American economy. He also called on Congress to take necessary measures to exempt taxes. 

In his address to the nation, he also claimed that he and his administration were playing a role in combating the virus that spread to the United States. The National Health Department has successfully dealt with the virus. 

A presidential announcement shortly after President Trump's speech made it clear that the european travel ban was a "disaster". It said the ban would apply to those who have been in the Eu-Eu-free zone 14 days before they entered the United States. As a result, Ireland and the United Kingdom will remain free of this restriction. It is said that Ireland is not an EU country. And Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania are eu-members but schengen is not part of the region. 

Army personnel deployed in Wester County, New York:  
To prevent the spread of the Corona virus, troops have already been deployed in Rachelle in New-Rochell ere in the north of New York and Westchester County. The State National Guard is providing food to a number of people who are said to be isolated in the area as they are near New York City. In addition, the governor of Washington state has banned large gatherings in several areas.