Grand Prince carry's 21 corona infected in California cost

Grand Prince carry's 21 corona infected in California cost

International Desk (Channel TT): Coronavirus  infected  21 passenger have been carryed on the Grand Princess Cruise ship off the coast of California, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence said the results of one of the three are yet to be finalized.

At friday's press briefing, Mike Pence said that 21 positives were detected when members of the Corvirus Task Force tested 46 infections on the ship. 24 are virus-free and one result is yet to be finalized. 19 of the 21 tested crew and two passengers. Amirican press published this story on friday.

The Grand Princess ship was waiting for the California coast with thousands of passengers since Wednesday.  The California Air National Guard banned the ship from delivering test kits to helicopters on Thursday. When officials knows that a California man died last month in a car crash on a travel trip, he was killed. According to a video from a passenger, the passengers can listen about the results of the test at the press briefing of vice president Pens.

The travel authority said we apologized but the United Federal Government has not given an early notice of the announcement. On Friday, passenger Debey Loftus told the media that she was watching MSSBC when she saw the briefing of Mr. Pens on the ship. "I thought the passengers were supposed to be informed first, not informed, and we were very upset," he said. They don't have any excuses for not giving notice. Debi Loftus was on her father's 84th birthday in the Grand Princess' palace.

Pence said Friday that he is discussing the issue with the California governor. He requested the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Department of Health and Human Services to plan for the transfer of the disease to the health center. "A plan was made for the non-commercial port for the tourist anchor.

The passengers and crew will be tested for the coronavirus, Pence added. Those who think that the solution is necessary will be examined. The Vice President said that if additional treatment is needed, it will be confirmed.

The Grand Princess ship had more than 3,500 passengers, including 2,422 passengers and 1,111 crew. Among them are citizens of 54 countries.

As of Friday afternoon, 65 cases of the coronavirus in California were confirmed, including one death.