Terrorists rode as passenger injured an Uber driver in New York

Terrorists rode as passenger injured an Uber driver in New York Uber Driver attacked in NYC

NYC (Channel TT): The life of Uber driver Mohammed al-Ghaffi has been trapped in New York by a group of savage attackers. Police are searching for five passengers who attacked him.

On Sunday, al-Ghaffi's friends and lawyers announced a $ 5,000 reward for providing information to arrest the attackers.

When the veteran livery driver was working for Uber on February 5, a group of passengers took him for a long-distance east of Queens' Privileged Gentlemen's Club.

After the journey, around 8:30 am, they were caught in a conversation with driver Al-Ghaffir (Age 55). At one point they hit Ghaffi, and he fell to the pavement. Al-Ghaffi suffered serious face and head injuries when he fell to the ground.

Police have released surveillance images of two women and three men suspected of attacking al-Ghaffi on Friday. However, no one has been arrested yet.

Al-Ghaffi has been admitted to the hospital in critical condition due to severe injuries to his brain and bleeding. Family members said a skull had to be removed because of a swelling inside the head.

Currently he is moving hands and feet and trying to talk. Family members said that while they were talking, Ghaffi was pointing his hands and fingers at them.

Al-Ghaffi's ex-wife, Mary Rosado (Age 55) said the police gave little information about the attackers. However, she was told that the sixth suspect was assisting the police.

According to sources, the police are investigating what really happened with Ghaffi. They are trying to find out whether the rent has been negotiated? Police are investigating the matter.

Uber spokesman Navedeh Forgani said al-Ghaffi's request to drive the car was banned from the app. They say police investigators are cooperating to find the suspects.

His ex-wife also said that Al-Ghaffi had been driving a cab and renting cars in the city for more than three years. In the 1990s, he was a carrier at BLS Limo, a black car livery company.

Rosado said Yemeni immigrant Al-Ghaffi left the black car business and was the driver of a yellow cab in the early 20's. A decade later, he started driving Uber for a living.

The American Merchants Association of Yemen has announced cash rewards for providing information to suspects. Al-Ghaffi has a 21-year-old daughter, said co-founder of the organization, Debbie Almonteasar. He is a refugee from Ethiopia after fleeing war-torn Yemen.

Abraham I-Ash, executive director of the association, said that Ghaffi was working to bring the girl to the United States. However, it was difficult for him to get a visa

Sohan Shuvo

Intern Newsroom Editor