Three Spans are sitting this month

Three Spans are sitting this month

Dhaka (ChannelTT): The dream of the Padma bridge is going on as planned. Three Spans are going to sit on the Padma Bridge in March. The project authorities have no option but to put all the spans before the upcoming monsoon. Project Director Shafiqul Islam said that on average, three spans are to be set up every month. The remaining 16 spans have only five months to sit. The government is committed to taking all the work forward as planned.

So far, the main bridge has been completed by 78 percent. Of the 42 pillars, 39 have been completed. The three other pillars are expected to be completed next month.  Out of 41 Spain, 37 have come from China. Two spans are on the way. The remaining two spans will come in a fixed time. It will take three months for the Spans to finish adding and coloring the components when they arrive in the country.

The project's executive engineer, Dewan Abdul Quader, said the work of the Padma-bridge is moving fast.  He hoped that the bridge could be made accessible by 2021.

Road Transport and Bridges Minister, Obydul Quader said that the work of the Padma Bridge could be affected if the situation does not improve within the next two months.  He said this at a press conference at the political office of the Awami League meeting in Dhanmondi on Saturday.

Currently, about 1,000 Chinese workers work in the city of Padma bridge Of these, 150 have gone on vacation. Still, the 25th span has been set up. Expressing concern, the minister said that if the coronavirus situation does not improve in the next two months, and those on vacation do not return, there will be some problems with the work of the damsel.