Trains got face to face; saved by the driver's skills

 Trains got face to face; saved by the driver's skills

Kishorganj (Channel TT): Hundreds of passengers survived because of the driver's skills and quick decision as two trains were going to collide at Manikkhali railway station.

At 10.55 pm on Wednesday, the Inter-district train from Dhaka to Kishorganj Egarsindhur Express and the 244 down local passenger train from Mymensingh to Bhairab got entered the same second-line.

The passengers were terrified by the chance of a big accident. People from all-around came to the spot hearing their screamings. But the train that was on line two stopped within a few yards with the driver's immediate control.

At 10:30 pm, the local 244 down train from Mymensingh to Bhairab stopped for The Agarsindur Godhuli. Soon after, the train Egarshindhur Express approached Manikkhali station and it was sent to the 2nd line. The train entered the station's 2nd line, according to the signal. The driver of the intercity train brake quickly after seeing the light of the local train standing on the same line.

The train stopped at a distance of a few yards near the local train that was standing on the same line. At 11:00 pm, the train left for its destination.

Earlier, at 7:30 pm on February 1, the local train from Mymensingh to Dhaka, Isha Khan, was facing the number one line due to an incorrect signal at the same station. Hundreds of passengers were still able to avoid major accidents by the driver's skills. 

Manikkhali Station Master, Abdus Salam and The GM of Eastern Railway (Chattagram) Nasir Uddin Ahmed were not found for a response. 

OC Abdur Rahman of the GRP Thana(Police Station) of Kishorganj said that two trains were encountered on the same line due to the wrong signal. However, the driver's skills saved passengers from major accidents.