39 countries affected by the corona; Dead nearly three thousend

39 countries affected by the corona; Dead nearly three thousend

International Desk (Channel TT): Novel corona virus has spread from China to 39 countries, including five more countries in Europe, Africa and South America. The number of victims has reached 81,000 worldwide. Already 2,763 people have been died, of which 2,715 have died in China. 

If the corona is not controlled, the death rate in other countries like China has been warned by US health officials.

The Korean sputum has become a deadly phenomenon in Asia after China. Where  the number of victims is 11. Infection swells among the army members.

Meanwhile, the novel Coronavirus spreads across Europe from Italy. There were 300 people affected.

In addition to Switzerland, Austria and Croatia, the First Time infected with the disease was found in The African country of Algeria and Latin American countries Brazil. All of them are from Italy.

Experts say the us tinge is inevitable in the us, as the pace of the past few days has not been so strong.

The disease of the disease that is caused by the flu-like infection of the corona is called kvid-19. The disease has already spread to 39 countries in central China since the end of December.

When an infectious disease spreads from man to human being swells to different parts of the world, it is called pandemic in the language of the disease. The World Health Organization says it is not currently "pandemic" about the outbreak of novel corona. But not to go there, all countries have to be prepared.  

According to the National Health Commission of China, 406 people were diagnosed with a new virus infection in the mainland on Tuesday. The previous day, the number was 508. The total number of victims is 78,64. The South China Morning Post reported that the number stood at 80,970 worldwide.

Meanwhile, a total of 52 people died in China on Monday. All deaths occurred in The Province of Hubei, which is said to be the epicenter of the outbreak of the Corona. The death toll in the mainland china is 2715.

In addition, 13 more people died outside the mainland of China on Tuesday, while the death toll outside China rose to 48. Of these, 15 people died in Iran, 12 in South Korea, 11 in Italy, 5 in Japan, 2 in Hong Kong and one in the Philippines, France and Taiwan.

Experts are not sure how the coronavirus came into the human body. Even the people don't know about any of its antidotes. So far, the death rate is below two percent, which is lower than the sars. 

In mid-February, the corona was more in China. But the situation in South Korea, Italy and Iran deteriorated sharply in the past week. Then it started spreading in Arab and Middle East and in europe.

According to the Iranian Health Ministry, the number of infected people in The Corona has reached 90. The country's Deputy Health Minister and an MPO are infected with the virus. The Middle East and Asian countries have suspended, closed the border with Iran. Some countries have imposed restrictions on travel to Iran. As a result, the Iranian economy is in a new big blow due to the ECONOMIC blockade of the United States. 

Meanwhile, the number of cases of the coronavirus in South Korea has increased to 1146. The infection was limited to minority Christians in the southern cities of Daiegu and Cheongdok. But now, a CNN report has revealed that the disease is on the rise in other regions. The outbreak has also begun to spread among the South Korean army. At least 18 soldiers were injured, including one Us soldier.