Hackers' snooping on Mexican money

Hackers' snooping on Mexican money

International Desk (Channel TT): The Mexican Finance Ministry has been the victim of a series of cyber-attacks. Hackers have been detected on some of their servers.

The ministry of the country made such a statement on Sunday.

However, the statement said that "no sensitive information was damaged" in the cyber-attack and security measures were beefed up.

This is the second major cyber-attack on the Mexican government, Reuters reported. Pemex, the country's national oil supplier, was the target of a cyber-attack in November last year. In that case, hackers forced the company to shut down its computers across the country. Bit coin was later demanded to pay us US$ 5 million.

On Monday, the ministry also said that the ministry has been instructed to temporarily disconnect networks and servers.

After a thorough review, the ministry identified some affected servers, mostly e-mail and archive servers, the statement said. They assume that sensitive information and user information are not damaged.

It was not immediately known if the ransom was demanded in the cyber attack like the Pemex attack.