Facebook vs Apple

Facebook vs Apple Facebook vs Apple

International Desk (Channel TT): The Facebook employees apparently sided with Apple in the ongoing battle between Facebook and Apple about the recent Privacy Policy changes by the iPhone manufacturer.


In the last software update iOS 14, Apple imposed more restrictions on the running apps to protect the privacy of its user. The iPhone company change the policy regarding tracking the user movement over the apps. Right now iPhone and iPad users can decide which app can track their movement over the app. From next year Apple planned to restrict all the app to track the non-app movement of the user which means the iPhone and iPad apps can not track which website a user visits or what kind of activity a user is performing.

After that, the Social Media giant bashed Apple regarding the privacy policy on different occasions. In a series of advertisements on multiple mediums, including print media in the US, Facebook embarked on a war against Apple’s upcoming privacy policy with iOS 14 for iPhone users. At the center of the argument is the App Tracking Transparency feature that will bring to the forefront a control that would allow users to stop apps from tracking them across apps and websites on their iPhone or iPad.This is set to hit Facebook’s targeted ads feature which is a major source of revenue for the social media giant. Also, Facebook claimed that Apple’s policies would hurt small businesses that rely on Facebook’s targeted ads feature to gain visibility.

However, it turns out, even Facebook employees do not believe Facebook is really standing up for small businesses and are calling the criticism of Apple’s privacy push as hypocrisy. Reportedly, some employees believe that their company should be more transparent about what they are doing and user policy.

On the other hand, Apple replied to the criticism of Facebook on different mediums by saying it was protecting the interests of its own users and was reinstating within their hands the power to decide who could track their movements and use their data. In this fight, Facebook claimed to stand up for the interests of small businesses, even as Apple made it very clear that iOS 14 would not stop Facebook from tracking user movement if the users allow the app to track their movement.

After the implementation of iOS 14, from next year Apple would not allow iPhone apps to track and sell user data secretly without the customers’ explicit permission.

Sohan Shuvo

Intern Newsroom Editor