Obama makes surprise phone calls to voters for Biden (Video)

Obama makes surprise phone calls to voters for Biden (Video)

Desk Report (Channel TT): Former President Obama made Facetime calls Monday to voters as they stood in line to cast their ballots in this year's elections. 

An aide to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden told CNN the voters were told the campaign wanted to share their voting story. The voters were reportedly only told they were going to speak with a top Biden aide. “I did not expect Obama, that’s kind of crazy,” a voter in Wisconsin told the network.

"We came here to look for a better life, and I got it,” another in Arizona said. Obama has been spending the last several days campaigning for Biden, his former vice president, in key battleground states including Florida, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

During his speeches and rallies, Obama has painted President Trump as unfit to lead and a danger to the country. 

“One of the few people in this administration who’s been taking this seriously all along and what’d he say? His second-term plan is to fire that guy,” Obama said on Monday after Trump suggested he would fire the nation's top infectious disease doctor after the election. 

A record number of Americans have already voted in the 2020 election, with a surge in mail-in and early in-person voting resulting from public health concerns related to the coronavirus pandemic.