The murder is due to a domestic violence!

Bangladeshi Husband-wife dead after murder-suicide in America (Video)

Bangladeshi Husband-wife dead after murder-suicide in America (Video)

America (Channel TT): A Bangladeshi immigrant woman was killed by her husband, and he took his own life just moments later, said the Phoenix Police Department on Sept. 27. Phoenix police were originally called to a house near 39th Avenue and Baseline Road for a report of a husband and wife fighting. The 43-year-old wife wanted officers to remove her husband from the house.

Police say the wife, Syeda Sohaly Akter, 43, called officers asking to get her husband, Abul Ahsan Habib, 52, moved out of the home, although he reportedly wasn't there at the time. Her adult son was at the home with her when she called 911.

When police arrived on the scene the man had already left the house and officers gave the woman information on how to obtain an order of protection before leaving.

According to police, minutes after officers left they received a 911 call from the woman saying her husband returned and the operator heard gunshots on the call and all communication stopped.

When officers arrived back on the scene, they discovered the woman and her  husband. Both of them were pronounced dead at the home, police said. They have since been identified as 43-year-old Syeda Sohaly Akter and 52-year-old Abul Ahsan Habib. Early indications from the scene indicate the man shot his wife and turned the gun on himself.

Myriah Mhoon advocates for domestic violence victims across Arizona as the CEO of New Life Center and says the calls for help are dropping, but that the pandemic could factor into increased violence.

"The first time in the last two and a half years, I actually have beds available, but we are seeing a spike in of deaths due to domestic violence. So what that is telling me is that the pandemic and the isolation between the survivor and the perpetrator does have significance when we're looking at, did the pandemic have an escalation or create an escalation of domestic violence," Mhoon explained.

Mhoon said the pandemic has worsened the domestic violence issue in Arizona. "A lot of the times they're in the same room as the perpetrator for weeks...if not months," said Mhoon. "They literally aren't able to get to us and say they need help." New Life Center is helping victims 24/7 in a pandemic or not. 

Source Courtesy: ABC15/CBS5