The influence of online media is increasing in Corona

The influence of online media is increasing in Corona

International Desk (Channel TT): The rate of news reading has increased tremendously in this global coronary disaster. And because of this epidemic, people are being forced to turn to online and television in the economic crisis. However, the opportunity to spread fake news has also increased. News-Reuters.

This information has been given in the annual digital news report published by Reuters Institute recently. It has been said that Facebook and WhatsApp are at the top as a means of spreading rumors.

According to the Reuters Institute, the pace of the technological revolution has accelerated due to the global epidemic. Now more and more people are using smartphones as a means of reading news.

Meanwhile, the media business is still in recession. The Reuters Institute also said that a number of media workers around the world are on the verge of being laid off due to the decline in advertising.

However, according to the Reuters Institute, the online media is showing a glimmer of hope. Over time, more people and organizations are spending money on online media than ever before. However, in this case, there is growing skepticism about maintaining the quality of the news.