A special commission will be set up in Britain to prevent racism

A special commission will be set up in Britain to prevent racism

International Desk (ChannelTT): A wave of anti-apartheid movements has arrived in Britain from the United States. There have also been clashes between protesters and right-wingers on the way to London. In this situation, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that he will form a commission to eradicate apartheid from the country.

Johnson told Britain's Daily Telegraph that the commission would try to eradicate racism in all areas of life, including jobs, health and education.

George Floyd, a black man, was killed on May 25 in Minneapolis, USA. Then the movement spread to Britain as well as the United States. Thousands of people took to the streets. In their words, Britain was imperialist in the past. In many cases, the country has pursued a policy of racism. Now let Britain move away from that policy.

It is learned that the police department in Minneapolis is being closed for the time being. "We've decided to close the Minneapolis Police Department," Minnesota City Council President Lisa Bender told CNN. This department will be created anew later. We will re-launch this department with a new model of protection of people and community.

The pope has given a message about racism. "We cannot ignore racism," he said. At the same time he condemned the violence. He said nothing can be achieved through violence.