The ability to infect corona is further enhanced

The ability to infect corona is further enhanced

International Desk (ChannelTT): The SARS coronavirus-2 variant, which has spread to Europe and America, has undergone major genetic mutations. This increases the ability of the cells to transmit the coronavirus. A study by the Scripps Research Institute in Florida, USA, has revealed such information.

According to a report by Technology Networks, Hirun Choi, a virologist at Scripps Research, said the mutations in the culture system we used were much more contagious than those in which mutations were not.

The study showed how all viruses mutate and change somewhat. However, the changes suddenly affect the physical ability or ability to fight. The presence of the D614G mutation is most important in the case of the Sars Cove-2 variant. Which was not the case in the early regional corona.

Experts say Corona has probably found a way to make it more lasting. So more research is needed.

Michael Farzan, vice president of the Department of Immunology and Microbiology at Scripps Research, said the coronavirus has found a way to survive over time and not break down unless needed. The virus has made itself more stable on the basis of selection pressure.

According to the latest data, the epidemic coronavirus has killed more than 435,000 people worldwide. About 6 million have been infected. The virus has killed the most people in the United States. About one lakh 18 thousand people have died there so far. Brazil currently ranks second in the world in terms of deaths in the Corona.

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said of the death, "I am heartbroken to see the video of this incident with Brooks. There was nothing offensive here. "

Atlanta Police Chief Erica Shields has resigned in the wake of the shooting. The police officer suspected of shooting Brooks has been fired. Another police officer present at the time of the incident has been given compulsory leave.

Protesters on the streets of Atlanta have demanded criminal charges against the police officers responsible.

Source: BBC