The United States is going to make big changes in visa policy

The United States is going to make big changes in visa policy

International Desk (ChannelTT): Coronavirus infection is causing layoffs around the world. The United States is no exception. The United States has long wanted to change its visa policy. This time the United States is really going to make a big change in the visa policy. If the Trump administration implements this decision in the end, it is expected that Indians will suffer the most.

According to the influential US media, the Wall Street Journal, a number of proposals to change visa policy have been submitted to President Donald Trump. He has not signed it yet. However, government guidelines in this regard may be issued in a few days.

According to a report in The Economic Times, no one will be allowed to return to the United States with H-1B until the new guidelines are lifted. In addition, applicants for new H-1B visas may have to pay more in the future. At present you have to pay 480 US dollars for the processing fee. In the future, it may increase to 20 thousand dollars.

The new policy may suspend several employment visas, including H-1B and L-1. That being said, the biggest beneficiaries in the H-1B and L-1 visa categories are Indian IT companies and Indians seeking jobs in the United States. However, those currently working in the United States with H-1B visas are not expected to have any problems.

These two visas are most popular with companies doing business in the United States and job seekers in that country. H-1B visa is also required for green card application.

The United States issues H-1B visas to foreigners to fill the shortage of skilled workers. Many Indians with these visas are working in IT companies in the United States. And in case of transfer of internal organization, L-1 visa is required. Meanwhile, the number of jobless people in the United States has reached record levels. In this situation, the Trump administration wants to change the visa policy so that Americans get priority in employment.