Facebook partnered with Reuters for fact-checking

Facebook partnered with Reuters for fact-checking Reuters will check FB facts

International Desk (Channel TT): Popular social media Facebook has taken new steps to strengthen security. Facebook has signed a deal with Reuters to verify the authenticity of content posted on Facebook and Instagram.

The news media, Reuters, published this information on Wednesday, citing Facebook officials.

Facebook has recently become a focus of the South Asian market. Since then, social media has been changing slowly. Recently, several fake news stories were published on Facebook during the Indian Constitution change time and the Bangladesh road blockade protest. Also, the platform was under pressure to remove fake news before the US presidential election. They launched a pilot project in December last year due to the inaction. The project was launched to help fake information be detected more quickly.
US intelligence agencies claim that Russia used social media to interfere in the 2016 US presidential election. Moscow rejects the US's claim.

Reuter’s new section will verify photos, videos, titles and other content for US customers to serve Facebook. Reuters reports that it will be available for both English and Spanish customers.

No information about the financial transactions of the agreement was published. Facebook has put all efforts into holding the US market. The effort is also being made by the news media in South Asia.

Facebook, the largest social media company in the United States, is working with seven other partners, including AP and FP, to verify authenticity.