About us

Channel TT – Speaks of Awareness

“The CHANNEL TT” is an Online TV Channel (IPTV) broadcasting from New York USA. It will launch very soon.  The TV Channel will be a popular media specially a group of people around world. Based on Traffic, Transport, Tourism and Technology. We also focused Weather and Traffic Info 24/7, Get connect with us.

The CHANNEL TT start its journey with the determination of promoting Driver (TLC and Regular) Tourist, Traveler Nature of Transportation, Culture and language by using latest technology for bilingual (Bangla and English) viewers in worldwide.

This Station will conveys the country as a nation rooted in American and Bangladeshi culture and as a liberal, democratic state based on the rule of law. Anchored in journalistic independence. The CHANNEL TT will presents events and developments of traffic and transportation in New York subsequently Bangladesh and other Metropolitan city and the world. It promotes exchange and understanding between Drivers and Transportation authority cultures. The CHANNEL TT will provide various formats for people learning and teaching the Driving Course and ‘NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission-TLC’ Rules.

Please note:

This forum is meant to encourage of Driver and Rider as well as Traveler, Transportation Authorities the free exchange of opinions, information and ideas. Please observe The CHANNEL TT netiquette guidelines.